San Diego

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, License Division, is responsible for the issuance of Concealed Carry Permits in San Diego County. You must submit your application in person, pass a thorough background check, and be approved by the License Board, BEFORE attending the Initial 8-hour California CCW License Class.

§ 26150(a). The chief of a municipal police department may issue a concealed carry license under comparable criteria; the only difference is that the applicant must be a “resident of that city.” Id. §§ 26155(a).

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department License Division, describes the definition of “good cause” in San Diego County: “Good Cause is defined by this County to be a set of circumstances that distinguish the applicant from the mainstream and causes him or her to be placed in harm’s way. Simply fearing for one’s personal safety alone is not considered good cause. This criterion can be applied to situations related to personal protection as well as those related to individual businesses or occupations. Good cause is also evaluated on an individual basis.” Reasons applicants request a license will fall into one of four general categories. The only two general categories potentially relevant to Civilian Applicants are:

Category 2 = Personal Protection Only includes: documented threats, restraining orders and other related situations where an applicant can demonstrate they are a specific target at risk.

Category 4 = Business owners/employees includes a diversity of businesses & occupations, such as doctors, attorneys, CEO’s, managers, employees and volunteers whose occupation or business places them at high risk of harm.


  • Prospective Applicants that feel they meet the current standards for “Good Cause” should download that State Application Form here: California CCW Application and then contact the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department – License Division, at 858-974-2020 to schedule your initial interview. If you can establish that you meet the current requirements for “good cause”, the License Division will explain the process and, give you a list of documents that you will need to bring to your second interview.  This is where you will substantiate all of the information contained in your “Good Cause” statement, or specific reason for applying. This may include a business license, any occupational licensing required for your profession, corporate documents, letters from any business partners or corporate officers, bank records; including deposit logs, two proofs of residency in the form of unpaid utility bills, ownership records, or lease agreements.  The Sheriff’s Department will conduct a thorough background investigation, including verification of all statements, criminal and civil cases.  Once you have completed this process, and received approval from the Sheriff’s Licensing Division, you will be allowed to sign up for our California CCW Permit Class.


Upon completion of initial screening by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department –

  • Eight 8-hours of training for initial applicants ($175) and four 4-hours ($100) for renewal applicants.
  • Training must be conducted by an “Approved Instructor” (Yes our local instructors in San Diego are approved)
  • Initial applicants are required to fire 100 rounds through each gun listed on their permit.
  • Renewal applicants must fire 50 rounds through each firearm.
  • You must be a resident of San Diego County to apply in this County.

We encourage residents of San Diego county to consider taking one of our Multi-state courses in order to get some training and obtain a permit to carry in 35+ other US states.