Non-Resident Multi-State Permits For California Residents

Our instructors also provide classes that are intended to qualify students to apply for and receive a non-resident concealed carry permit(s) from Arizona, Florida, Utah, and Virginia. You might be wondering WHY that would be necessary. Please consider:

  1. In California the State law allows that each county can determine HOW a citizen can justify “good cause” in applying for a permit. The State law says that the applicant must have good cause in order to be issued a permit but each county interprets that differently. In some counties the desire to have a firearm for potential self-defense is sufficient good cause, while in other counties it is not. In such counties they may only choose to issue permits to someone who has had deadly threats against them or to someone who carries significant amounts of cash on a regular basis.
  2. If you live in a county where you are unable to show the kind of good cause they require then your only chance of obtaining any sort of concealed carry permit is to apply for a non-resident permit from a state like Arizona, Florida, Utah, or Virginia where non-residents are permitted to apply and can easily receive the permit with some limited but basic firearm training.
  3. Regardless if you are able to obtain a California permit or not; obtaining addition non-resident permits can greatly increase and enhance the number of states where you can legally carry a concealed handgun.

Please consider enrolling in an upcoming class in your area that will qualify you to apply for one of these popular non-resident permits!

If you were to obtain an Arizona permit, for example, you can carry in any of the green states in the below map: