Shawn Gibbs

ASK Defensive Training Co. is a family ran business made up of husband Shawn Gibbs, wife Debbie Gibbs and daughter Josie Gibbs. We are not a huge company with deep pockets and endless inventory, but we make up for it with personalized service, competitive pricing, we don’t mind special ordering anything and you will always have  friendly family atmosphere.  We will always try greet you with a friendly hello when you walk through our door, as well as a sniff or two from our dogs Auto and Kimber a pair of standard Poodles, so don’t be alarmed they won’t hurt you. Also don’t be surprised if after we see you a few time in the store we greet you by name.

What makes us Instructors!

What makes us here at ASK Defensive Training qualified to teach you? It isn’t just a long list of classes and courses we have taken,  but our desire to pass on the life experiences  the trial & errors that we have witnessed  and experienced  over the 50 years of in the field shooting history. Which includes recreational hunting , military training, law enforcement training , self defense training , NRA courses, Front Sight courses and tens of thousands of rounds down range.  

Here is a short list of our more significant certifications  ASK Defensive Training staff have earned.

Front Sight Academy Distinguished Graduate

P.C. 832 Firearms Training

California Department of Justice HGSC Instructor

All NRA Civilian Programs

USMC train rifle marksman  (expert rating)

As we are always training ourselves, we continue to take additional courses to improve our skills, knowledge so that we will have the ability to teach you the attitude,  skills and knowledge you desire.

Shawn Gibbs:

Owner/Operator Ask Defensive training Co.

Chief Instructor at Ask Defensive Training  (2014 – present)

NRA Certified in,

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside and outside the home, advanced defensive pistol.

Assistant Director YSSP (Youth Shooting Sports Program) West End Gun Club

Shooting Experience:

Shooting for 45 year

United State Marine Corps Rifle Expert Marksman

240 hours of Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun training Front Sight Academy

Distinguished Graduate with the following weapons:

1911 5″ .45APC (2 Times)

1911 5″ 9mm

Springfield XD 4″ 9mm  

Springfield EMP 3″ 9mm

Graduate with the follow Weapons:

Benelli M4


Winner of Front Sight steel challenge  (Man on Man Champion)

Competition shooting of 3 Gun, Action Pistol and IDPA