Matthew Haywood


NRA Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor, USCCA Range Safety Officer, CA DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor, ALiCE Active Shooter Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer

I was born in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area and later moved to the California Foothills of Calaveras County. I became an Explorer with the California Highway Patrol when I was 15; which led me to my career in Law Enforcement. I served as a Police Dispatcher for multiple agencies for approximately 5 years before becoming a Police Officer for the city of Atwater, CA in 2005. During which I served in various roles including Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer, Bicycle Patrol Supervisor, and the Lead Explorer Advisor. I was medically retired in 2015 due to an on-duty traffic collision.

My love for firearms began in my early teenage years when my Dad introduced me to recreational shooting with a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

During the course of my Law Enforcement career, I became very enthused about firearms and thoroughly enjoyed the quarterly range qualifications; however, found I desired more. I attended many CA POST Certified firearms courses and competed in various forms of Competitions; including 3-Gun, IDPA, and USPCA.

Upon my retirement from Law Enforcement; I worked several years in a retail firearms shop, where I assisted in the instruction of CCW classes, beginner classes, and holster fundamentals. I continue to study and enhance my knowledge and skills by attending training courses by some of the most recognized instructors and mentors in the firearms industry.

I currently work for a multi-billion dollar corporation as an executive protection officer as well as multiple high-end security agencies, working close protection for high profile clients, NFL games (Including Super Bowl LIV in Miami, FL) and other major events in California Bay Area.

I created Hard Focus Firearms Training to help others increase situational awareness and to empower them with the skills and confidence to protect themselves and loved ones should the need arise.

Favorite Firearm: Agency Glock 19
Favorite Caliber: 9mm
Favorite Shooting Drill: 1-to-5 Drill by Ken Hackathorn