Obtaining a California Permit

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

The State of California only requires that applicants for a California carry license:

  1. Have good moral character;
  2. Have good cause for issuance of the license; and,
  3. Be a resident of the county (or a city within the county) if applying to a county sheriff, or a resident of the city if the applying to a chief of police.

*Please note the above requirement number 2 that requires “good cause for issuance” is where significant differences exist between counties. The Constitution or any legal precedent aside, many counties do not consider self-defense as “good cause” for the issuance of a license. Check our county FAQ pages for details on your county.

Step 2: Complete State Standard Application

The first step in obtaining a permit is to complete a California-DOJ-Standard-Carry-License-Application and submit it to your local sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office will collect your fingerprints and the California DOJ background check fee of $95. The county may also have their own application fee not to exceed $100. They can collect up to 20% of that fee up front plus the fee for fingerprints. If the license is issued they will collect the balance of the application fee at that time.

Many counties will conduct an in-person interview. They can also request that the applicant receive a psychological evaluation. If they do the cost may not exceed $150 and the applicant must only be referred to a licensed psychologist used by the licensing authority for the psychological testing of its own employees. (See, Cal. Penal Code section 26190(f)(1).)

The county must provide you in writing of your approval or denial within 90 days of the initial application.

Step 3: Complete the Required Training

After the application has been approve the applicant must complete a statutory training requirement (with the specific course of training as approved by the county) before the license can be issued. (See, Cal. Penal Code sections 26150(a)(4), 26155(a)(4), 26165, 26202.)

Please consider our company for your training needs. Check our home page for a list of upcoming classes. Once you have completed the training notify your county and provide the documentation of training.