Jon C Kennedy

Jon Kennedy has been a firearm instructor for several years, and a life long 2nd Amendment rights advocate.  Mr. Kennedy is the lead instructor and President of Kennedy Consulting. He has spent several years training and sharpening his skills through education, hands on instruction and advanced training, to develop specific skill for assisting his students in the acquisition and development of the proper knowledge, skills and attitude, to safely and effectively handle firearms. Some of his education and experience include:

CALIFORNIA HANDGUN SAFETY CERTIFICATION INSTRUCTOR – Mr. Kennedy is certified with the State of California, Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, as a certified Firearms Safety Instructor. Instructor #108639. Responsibilities include proctoring required Firearms Safety Certification (FSC) test. Handgun safety declarations at firearms purchase. Certified CCW instruction and testing for Sacramento County, El Dorado County, and both Placer and Sutter County.

CERTIFIED NRA INSTRUCTOR/TRAINING COUNSELOR – Mr. Kennedy is certified with the National Rifle Association as a Certified Instructor and Training Counselor,and has his Advanced Pistol Shooting Appointment. The training counselor appointment allows Mr. Kennedy to certify other instructor candidates. He is qualified to teach several disciplines – Basic & Advanced Pistol Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting, Basic Shotgun Shooting, Basic Personal Protection in the Home – Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home – since 11/30/2010. NRA Instructor # 155393046. Responsibilities include education and instruction for the knowledge, skills and attitude required for the safe handling of firearms in the home and community. As previously mentioned, as a certified NRA Training Counselor, Mr. Kennedy it authorized by the NRA to qualify instructors candidates. Several opportunities are made available each year to qualify. If you are interested in being an instructor, please contact us for more information.

CERTIFIED NRA CHIEF RANGE SAFETY OFFICER – Mr. Kennedy is also certified by the National Rifle Association as a Chief Range Safety Officer – responsibilities include general Range Safety Officer; teaching and instruction of potential Range Safety Officers; Development and implementation of Range Standard Operating Procedures Manual; Supervision, construction and management of range operations. In addition, Mr. Kennedy is a General Contractor and has used all of these skills in the construction, development and administration of various local shooting facilities.

UTAH CCW INSTRUCTOR – Mr. Kennedy is also currently certified with the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, Department of Public Safety, as a Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor, and attends the required certification/recertification program every 2 years as set forth by the Utah Department of Public Safety. – 01/27/2011. Permit #I102388. BCI. Currently, this mulit-state CCW has reciprocity with 35 states.

Mr. Kennedy is an Ambassador First Family Executive Plus, Guardian Life Member of Front Sight Shooting Academy, at Front Sight Nevada, near Las Vegas, and trains there with members of his staff several times each year.

Mr. Kennedy is also an Alumni of The University of Phoenix, with a Bachelors Science  in Management. He also holds an Associates in Applied Science in Systems Administration from MTI, and is a licensed General Contractor.

NRA Training Counselor

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