Physical Discomfort When Carrying Concealed Firearms

This is one part in our series of articles about reasons why those with a concealed carry permit stop carrying concealed. Please visit this introductory post to learn more about this series of articles.


Carrying a concealed firearm is not exactly like adding a pocket knife to your keychain. Guns are heavy, bulky, and oddly shaped. It just takes TIME for your body to adjust to the feeling of that firearm. When you buy a new pair of shoes you may at first experience discomfort and even develop some blisters. After time however, your feet adjust to the shoe and the discomfort goes away. Your firearm will to some degree be the same way. Here are three other things you might try:

1. Carry a smaller weapon. Now that you realize how uncomfortable the gun can be maybe you should consider carrying a smaller gun.

2. Try a different brand/make of holster. There are only 1 Gazillion companies out there that make concealed carry holsters. A different holster can make all the difference in comfort. (Here is my most comfortable holster)

3. Try a different concealment technique / style of holster. If IWB isn’t working for you buy a shirt with a built in holster. Try a shoulder holster or pocket holster. Borrow a friend’s ankle holster or belly band holster.

Despite your best efforts there will be some discomfort for a time. Work through the pain for a few days or even weeks. If the pain doesn’t lesson or start to go away you probably need to make a change as described above.

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