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Three Reasons to Renew Your Permit Early

How early can you renew your concealed carry permit? This is something you should be clear on in the state where your permit(s) was issued. Another key thing you will want to know in advance is if the issuing state will be sending you a reminder. Many states will not. Regardless you should take some responsibility to be aware of your expiration date.

Most states will allow you to renew as early as 90 or 120 days before the expiration date.  Here are a few reasons why renewing early is a really good idea.

Renew Concealed Carry Permit

Avoid A Potential Lapse

If you start the renewal process 2 weeks before your concealed carry permit expires and it takes the state or county 6 weeks to process the renewal then you will be without a valid permit for 4 weeks. Most states/counties process renewals with greater priority than new applications but that doesn’t mean they will turn it around in a few days for you just because you were slow to get the ball rolling.

Take Advantage of Past Training

Depending on the state where your permit was issued, you may have to continue to show ongoing training qualification for your renewal. Since training certificates tend to expire after a certain number of months/years, the sooner you get the renewal process going the more likely you will be able to leverage one of those training certificates in your file. Otherwise you have to plan and schedule a new training course prior to being able to get the renewal process started.

Avoid Late Fees

There are a few things that are as annoying to me than when my own stupidity, or lack of attention costs me money. Your state may have a late fee that is charged if you start the renewal with an expired permit. Further, depending on how far expired your concealed permit may be, you may have to pay the price of a new application in order to proceed.

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