Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Matt Numrich Interview

This year I was blessed to get connected with Matt Numrich. If you don’t already know the name, Matt is a leading expert and instructor in the arena of physical self-defense and hand to hand combat. The son of a police officer Matt has always approached martial arts in two very unique ways that set him apart.

First, he isn’t in the industry of teaching people how to fight in an arena to win trophies. He is focused on winning fights “on the streets.”

Second, Matt doesn’t think you need to spend 30 years to know how to defend yourself physically. I don’t want to spoil everything but below is a video and audio recording of our video. When you are done watching don’t forget to claim your free set of DVDs that Matt has offered to our readers and members here.


Thank you Matt again for your time and your offer to support the gun community!

Audio Here: (You can also get it via our podcast on iTunes)

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