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California Pushing For Several New and Increasingly Stupid Gun Laws

california gun control proposals

In December, less than 24 hours after the San Bernardino shooting we heard from Democrats on Capital Hill in Sacramento talking about how Sensible gun laws work and they want more of them. Clearly they haven’t been working… and none of the below proposed laws would have stopped the crime in San Bernardino… so I’m not really sure what they are going for.

Here are the currently proposed laws:

AB 1663, AB 1664 and SB 880: These bills are meant to further regulate scary rifles. Two of them redefine “assault weapon” to include just about any centerfire semi-automatic rifle made since the 19th century and require you to register them in the state.

AB 1664 further outlaws the “Bullet Button” which is a device previously invented to circumvent a California gun law. Currently a firearm using the “bullet button” is not considered an “assault weapon” based on the current definition.

AB 1674 would extend the current limit on handgun purchases to one in 30 days, to all types of firearms and remove the current exemption for private-party transfers. This means if you inherit 30 guns it will take you years to get them all in your possession.

AB 1798 makes it illegal to have a cellphone case that is shaped like a gun. I’ve never seen one… sound interesting so I’ll check Amazon later.

SB 1037 would require that when people move into California they have to turn all their guns over to a FFL and undergo a background check in order to get them back. Combined with AB 1674 would mean it could take years to get back all your guns when you move into California. Can you imagine poor military officers who spend a few months in California. Hope they didn’t want to keep those guns when they move out.

SB 1446 would make magazines that look like they can hold more than 10 rounds, even though they don’t, illegal. So many handguns would essentially become illegal since they are designed to hold more than 10 rounds currently but the manufacturer sells them with magazines limited to 10 rounds within California.

Each of these laws shows ignorance and reveals the true motive of the political machine. No politician can stand by these laws and say they will save laws because not a single one of these proposals would have stopped a single crime or murder from being committed… ever.

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