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UCLA Shooting Sparks More Debate About Campus Carry

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Earlier this week a single gunman walked into a building on the UCLA campus and fired on and killed a professor before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. The University learned some valuable lessons about how they sent out notifications and dealt with an active shooter situation. I’m very saddened by the senseless loss of life in this incident but grateful it didn’t turn into a blood bath.

This latest shooting on a college campus has reunited the debate about the safety of guns on campus.

Opponents to campus carry legislation say that college kids can’t be trusted to act responsibly with guns and that guns in the classroom can hinder quality learning. They use this instance as an example to prove their point.

Supporters of concealed carry on campus look at this incident as proof that having laws against guns on campus will do nothing to stop violence. At UCLA the shooter broke the law to bring a gun onto that campus and preventing the faculty member or anyone else on campus from having a gun only ensured the shooter wouldn’t meet any resistance.

You know where we stand on the topic! Your thoughts?

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