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Terrorist Threats are No Match for A Californian’s Gun

California DGU

The small town of Ceres is nestled in the middle of California. There is not often much news out of the small farming town, but that all changed on August 30th, when a strange set of events ended with one man being booked for making terrorist threats, and another man who was a hair away from needing to shoot someone to defend their family.

The man who has been booked for making terrorist threats is Elbert Raymundo, a native of Ceres who according to reports from local police walked up to a father and son who were in their yard at the 2700 block of Canyon Drive and began threatening to kill the two.

It was at this point that the homeowner stated that Raymundo refused to leave and even began chasing the homeowner’s adult son around a car in their driveway.

At that point, the homeowner had had enough of sitting in fear, hoping that the man would leave on his own so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The homeowner went into his house and pulled out his shotgun and from that point on, Raymundo’s tune switched momentarily. According to the homeowner, Raymundo quieted down for a bit before going back to his threats. The homeowner then decided it would be best if he held the gun up to Raymundo until the cops arrived on the scene.

Upon the cops’ arrival, Raymundo attempted to flee, hiding in a prickly rose bush before being detained for good by the police.

This is a textbook example of not escalating a situation yourself, but rather being on the smart defense. The homeowner notified law enforcement to come and take care of the issue and in the time it took him to hold up Raymundo, he made no discernible mistakes. And thankfully by the end of the day, nobody was harmed due to the usefulness of a good guy with a gun.

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