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Rancho Tehama Scarred by Gun-Wielding Madman

Rancho Tehama California Shooting

The small rural town of Rancho Tehama was thrust into the national spotlight this last week after a town-wide shooting spree left 4 dead and 10 injured.

Rancho Tehama is located 120 miles to the Northwest of Sacramento and only boasts a population of around 1,500 people. But now the village will forever be marred by the sick actions of 44-year-old Kevin Janson Neal and his disgusting spree shooting.

The violence started at 8:00 AM PST when a man and a woman were shot by Neal at Bobcat Lane. According to reports, Neal was having an argument with the two that had lasted for quite a while. In fact, Neal had been arrested for attacking the woman previously in January of this year. However now it seemed that Neal’s actions were much more serious and what’s worse is that they were just beginning.

Following this, Neal stole a white F-150 pickup truck and was on his way to continue his bloody attack. Now he was essentially joy riding down streets firing randomly at other cars and other houses with the very weapon Neal used in the attack at Bobcat Lane.

At one point Neal even decided that he needed to do more damage and found local Rancho Tehama elementary. Neal then hit the gas on his stolen truck and tore down the fence surrounding the school before walking towards the school’s quad with a rifle and two handguns. This is where he began to open fire at random.

Over 20 shots were fired on the school’s ground before Neal returned to Bobcat Lane, crashed the F-150, and decided on ditching it for a sedan before continuing his spree. Thankfully, it is reported at this time that no children died, and the children who did receive wounds are listed in stable condition.

Luckily at this point, the police were on his tail, but Neal wasn’t giving up without a fight. A shootout began with police and for the first time, Neal was the one being shot at. This fight did not last long before police finally put Neal down ending a terrible and grisly chapter in Rancho Tehama’s history.

What do you think of this story? Do you feel there could have been a way to lower the death count even further? Let us know in the comments below.

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