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San Joaquin County Man Proves It’s Not the Gun That’s Dangerous but Who is Using It

San Joaquin County California Shooting

It seems that more and more often in the world today guns are being demonized as if the tool itself has some sort of evil energy surrounding it, well the next time someone tries to tell you that “guns are bad” send them this story to show them it’s the person that can be bad, not the gun.

This story occurred in San Joaquin County at a residence just off of Highway 26 on Christmas Eve. It starts with a family of three, an adult son and two elderly parents sleeping in their home early in the morning. While the three were deep in their slumber two criminals, Joshua Keamohuli, 27, and Alicia Agundez, 34 had broken into their house and stood over the homeowner’s son with a wooden pole in their hands.

In what may be the most shocking and violent way to be awoken, the two home invaders began to beat the son awake with the pole and demand money from him. Shocked and no doubt terrified the young man collected himself only to find a revolver shoved into his face by the criminals.

There you see where the stigma of a gun being evil comes in because there are no doubts that the people who are using it are bad people for the manner in which the gun is being used but in the blink of an eye this weapon becomes a miraculous savior, if we are to believe that a firearm had a conscious, to begin with.

As the gun was pointed at the young man, his fight or flight instinct began to set in and a struggle ensued between him and Keamohuli/Agundez. In this struggle, the young son managed to get his hands on the thieves’ firearm and got a shot off into the leg of Alicia Agundez.

This sudden turn of events turned the thieves plans square onto their own heads and soon the police were on the scene to take them away for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, home invasion robbery and several weapons charges. 

Now in the same story, a gun was used as the weapon in a robbery and as a tool to save the lives of one or perhaps three civilians who were the targets of a robbery and assault. Is the gun bad? Of course not. If this isn’t a clear instance of showing that a gun in the right hands is a good thing, I don’t know what is.

What do you think of this story? Are you ready in case something like this happens in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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