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Apple Valley Burglary Suspects Stopped by Armed Citizens, but Charges May Still be Filed

Apple Valley DGU

Way down south lies the small city of Apple Valley. Home to beloved cowboy Roy Rogers. Well, it appears that the cowboy spirit still remains in Apple Valley years after Rogers death due to a bout of shooting that took place on Saturday, February 3rd.

The incident took place in the early morning hours on Saturday when two men, 31-year-old Justin Elder and 59-year-old David Turner were attempting to break into an unoccupied home. It is unknown what the trespassers were doing on the property, but it is clear that they were not very subtle about their actions since they were immediately spotted by neighbors and the police were called to the scene.

But what to do during the police’s response time? Well, the neighbors felt they had that covered as well. Two neighbors specifically. The first of which walked over to the car that Elder and Turner drove to the house in and proceeded to do what he felt would keep the trespassers on the property. He shot the tires out from under the getaway car with a handgun from his home.

These gunshots caught the attention of Elder and Turner, as well as a second neighbor who brought his own shotgun to the scene and between the two neighbors, managed to hold Elder and Turner in place until the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Department showed up to take the two away.

However, the criminal charges may not have stopped with Elder and Turner’s burglary charges. Victor Valley Police have also stated that the first neighbor to come out to the scene and shoot out the tires of the car may be facing charges of reckless discharge of a firearm. At this point, it is unknown if the charges will stick but the Victor Valley Sheriff’s office has submitted a report on the shots that were fired to the District Attorney’s Office and it will be the DA’s decision whether to file any charges on the shooter or not.

But what about the court of public opinion? Neighbors are saying that it is wrong for the neighbors to face any charges because they believe that the neighbors were being good helpful samaritans with their actions. It is certainly a sticky situation. We will see if it is made stickier by the DA’s decision in the near future.

But what do you all think of this story? Do you think that firing at the car to stop Elder and Turner from leaving was a good decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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One Response to Apple Valley Burglary Suspects Stopped by Armed Citizens, but Charges May Still be Filed

  1. Olaf De Koning February 24, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

    My take on this is that the neighbors involved with the shooting of the tires incident is in line with the legal standard of a civilian’s ability to arrest criminal suspects. I think they should have the right even to hold at gun point the suspected criminals until law enforcement arrives, as long as they do not discharge the weapon at the suspects. If the suspects are themselves armed and threaten to discharge them at the arrestors, the neighbors (arrestors) should legally be able to defend their lives. My wife had a gun stuck in her stomach one night in San
    Bernardino, CA, when she set off her personal scream alarm as the suspect told her to give him her purse and car keys.
    As the alarm went off, she screamed “NO!” at him. He froze, then ran off into the dark.

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