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Hemet Couple Both Take up Arms to Defend Home from Burglar

Hemet DGU

Valentine’s Day is fresh in our memories and I’m sure that those of us with significant others remember having a fun couple’s night this year, but a Hemet pair got involved in a couples activity neither of them were expecting when they were forced to defend their home against a would-be burglar.

This incident occurred on the night of Tuesday, February 13th when elderly couple Jeff and Von Sagmesiter were in their home when an intruder broke in, in an attempt to rob the couple.

Luckily for the pair, they were both made aware of the robber breaking into their home and reacted by grabbing a firearm each and checked out the scene.

As the two looked around their home, they did not see the intruder, but upon opening up their bathroom they saw the quivering criminal hiding from them.

“I just opened the door and boom! That’s all it took, and he was on me right away,” Jeff Sagmeister said in an interview with local news.

Jeff and the intruder then got into a scuffle, but Jeff wriggled away from the attacker and managed to get a hold of himself and fire his gun 4 times into the chest of the attacker.

You would figure that this would bring down the man, but that was not the case. Even after these shots, the criminal still got up and lunged towards Von, who had in her hand a .357 Magnum which she used to shoot the criminal again.

This did not bring down the criminal but finally some sense was knocked into him as he ran out of the house and attempted to escape the scene. He did manage to get away from the couple, but did not get away from the police who captured him shortly thereafter.

As for the couple, save a few scratches and bruises they are expected to be fine. The criminal on the other hand is being treated for his injuries in the hospital and will head to jail following his stay.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that you have the training to handle a situation like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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