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Armed Hollywood Auto Parts Store Employee Takes Down Burglar

North Hollywood DGU

Robbers beware! Even in gun-hating Southern California there are still good guys with guns who won’t just bow down to the whims of criminals.

In the early evening hours of Saturday, March 3rd a call was made to local police regarding an incident occurring in the 6100 block of Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood.

The building at that address is a self-described “vehicle instrument” shop that seems to be quite pro-gun with regards to its employees because according to police reports this incident occurred due to the store’s owner directing one of his employees who had his own firearm to check out the scene the owner was witnessing on his security camera.

What the camera was picking up was an attempted robbery of the store and an unidentified man was searching through people’s cars. Worried that this was indeed a robber the store owner had his armed employee go out and check out the scene.

Upon going out to the back the employee did indeed run into the suspect. A man in his late 20’s according to police. When the two met the would-be robber began to approach the armed employee trying to get him back into the store but this would prove to be a fatal mistake for the thief as the employee began to fire at the man when he felt threatened.

The shots that were fired struck true and was killed then and there.

After a call to the police, the authorities arrived and detained the shooter for a short time but will not be pressing charges, likely due to the security camera footage of the event vindicating the defensive shooter.

But regardless if it was the footage or another reason it appears that another Angelino went on to prove that even in gun-control loving California a good guy with a gun can go against the grain and not become another statistic of the crime epidemic.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that more gun-friendly businesses would help curb these attempted robberies? Let us know in the comments below.

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