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El Cajon Homeowner Defends Home and Property from Would-Be Robber

El Cajon DGU

The small southern city of El Cajon, California made the news recently as one of its citizens was thrust into a life-or-death struggle with a property invader on March 11th. Luckily this homeowner was one of the few Californians who was armed and ready to defend themselves and their home.

This incident occurred just after 1:00 in the morning on the 11th and saw a homeowner living on El Cajon street being awakened by his dogs barking like mad.

This warning caused the homeowner to stir from his slumber and check what could be making his dogs go so mad. That’s when, according to local police reports, the homeowner saw a man in his driveway attempting to break into his truck.

The homeowner then went to his bedroom and grabbed his handgun before walking outside to confront the man who was rooting through his truck.

As the homeowner made it outside and confronted the burglar, a fight began between the two men. Luckily for the now armed homeowner, he was able to fire off three rounds at the suspect, hitting him once.

Following the bullet’s strike, the burglar ran back to his own vehicle and attempted to drive away, but due to the severity of his injuries, the burglar did not drive too far before striking several parked cars and passing away in the driver’s seat.

Though a violent ordeal that saw the death of the criminal, police say the homeowner is not facing charges for his role in the act as he was cooperating with police and was well within his right to defend himself.

El Cajon Police Lieutenant Walt Miller said of the incident to the press…

“We would always encourage them (armed citizens) to call the police department first, but nothing prohibits them from doing that (defending themselves). This is the United States; there are a lot of homeowners that own firearms. So, that’s always a possibility that a home a suspect may be breaking into or vehicle a suspect may be breaking into, they should take into account a firearm may be in that person’s house.”

What do you think of this story? Do you feel you could defend your car or home in the event something as unfortunate as this would happen to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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