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Rancho Cucamonga Man Defends Home Against Invader Armed with a Knife

Rancho Cucamonga DGU

Details are now coming in regarding an incident several weeks ago in Rancho Cucamonga of a man’s defense of his home against an early morning burglary attempt.

The story goes that at about 6:15 AM a male homeowner whose name has not been released in order to respect his privacy heard a strange noise coming from his garage, so he armed himself with his handgun and went to investigate what may have been causing the sounds.

After he entered the garage he immediately saw a man, later identified as Eric Hartwick, attempting to break into his car.

As the two locked eyes for the first time, Hartwick began to exit the car, but he was not planning on running away. No, Hartwick produced a knife and began walking toward the homeowner, it what was deemed a threatening manner.

But, like the age-old adage, Hartwick brought a knife to a gunfight.

Upon seeing Hartwick’s approach with the knife, the homeowner drew his handgun and a shocked Hartwick now knew what he was up against.

The homeowner fired several shots toward Hartwick, striking him several times, but Hartwick was able to run out of the garage and actually get into his car and make his escape.
Hartwick was only picked up later after he returned home and his mother called 911 due to seeing her son’s gunshot wounds.

Hartwick was then transported to Arrowhead Medical Center where he was treated for his wounds.

Following his stay in the hospital, Hartwick was to be booked for his break-in and attempted robbery.

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