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California Man Lawfully Defends Infant and Himself with Concealed Carry Pistol

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On 22 August of this year a Redding, California man legally defended himself and a very young child from an attacker ending in the death of the attacker.

According to police, Travis Hutchinson, was helping a relative of his girlfriend prepare for a math exam when he was interrupted by a heated argument on the front steps of the home he was in at the time.

When Hutchinson went to investigate the commotion, he found Burl William Hall, a registered sex offender with a long criminal history, fighting with the homeowner. Hutchinson, still carrying a 4-month-old child at the time, attempted to break up the fight.

Hall, apparently unconcerned with the safety of the child, turned his aggression on Hutchinson and began to hit the 31-year-old man in the head almost knocking him unconscious.

The infant was almost struck from Hutchinson’s arms during the attack, but he was able to save the child from a fall to the concrete floor. Still apparently unworried for the well-being of the child, Hall pressed the attack.

During his interview with police, Hutchinson was able to appropriately articulate his concern saying he, “ … feared for his and the infant’s life.”

He then drew his legally concealed pistol and fired one round, striking Hall in the chest, ending the attack. Hutchinson instructed bystanders to call 911 and remained at the scene to wait for police.

Hall died from his injury the next day while Hutchinson was questioned and released by Redding PD who have turned over the case to the DA for review.

Hutchinson successfully defended a child and himself with only one round, but how likely is it a CCW permit holder will only need a single bullet?

Just how much defensive ammo should someone carry? Click the link to read an article by Brandon Scott on just that.

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