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Man Shoots Would Be Robber While Wife in Labor


North Hollywood DGUA man is dead Wednesday of last week after attempting to rob a restaurant in Ukiah, a small town in Northern California.

When Subway restaurant store manager Alejandro Melo was approached by a man asking to use his business’s restroom, he didn’t think anything of it.

When the man came back however, he walked over to where Melo was washing dishes and pulled out a gun demanding cash.

According to the manager:

“He walked me out for like 2 meters, walking to the lobby, and that’s where he starts asking for the money.”

The gunman, described as a “20-year-old male transient”, then walked the manager over to the cash register and demanded money from the till.

Since the employee working the register didn’t have the key, Melo had to get the money for the criminal himself.

He handed over a bag with around $200 dollars in it.

“I just gave him the change bag,” Melo said, “I had the key for the security box, but I didn’t want to give him that one because it was farther.”

As the man turned to run out of the store, the only customer in the restaurant at the time, drew his CCW pistol and shot the suspect 3 times, striking him once in the buttocks.

The man fled after dropping the bag of money, only to collapse in the parking lot or a nearby Ross store.

“He lay down there and people started screaming,” Melo said.

When police arrived, they secured the scene then transported the wounded man to a nearby hospital for treatment where he is listed in critical but stable condition.

Officers then discovered the “gun” the would be robber had was only a realistic looking BB gun.

The man who shot him, was confirmed by police to have a CCW permit and fully cooperated with Ukiah Police Department (UPD), and agreed to go to the police station to give his statement.

While UPD Lt. Cedric Crook could not confirm that the shooter was an off-duty firefighter as one report said, he did say the customer was only in the restaurant because his wife was going into labor at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley when the shooting took place.

No reports of the CCW permit holder being charged with any crime at this time, but UPD reports the man,

“… discharged his weapon repeatedly in fear for his safety and the safety of other citizens.”

He went on to also say:

“… in our report we are preparing for the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office, we are not listing him (CCW Holder) as a suspect.”

What do you think of this shooting? While it appears there are no charges filed at this time against the shooter, legal problems can arise if you are unable to articulate a logical reason for shooting a suspect which is currently running away.

Make sure you know the law to keep yourself out of trouble. Read here on How to Find a Gun Attorney.

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