Gun Battle Erupts Between Armed Citizens and Gang Members

Hollywood, California – An armed shop owner stood up against gang members attempting to threaten him out of a large sum of money on Monday.

According to Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Frank Preciado, members from a local gang calling themselves “Armenian Power,” had been attempting to extort $100,000 from the owner of Royal Fresh Market, a grocery store located at 12811 Sherman Way.

Over the course of weeks, the gang harassed the owner with members tagging the outside of the store with graffiti of obscenities, and the amount of money they wanted in order to leave the business alone.

Sergeant Preciado said store employees were outside attempting to clean up the graffiti at around 8:10 Monday morning when a car of gang members arrived to continue their harassment.

“What the suspects weren’t counting on was the victim was armed too,” said Sgt. Preciado.

Two men, one armed with a rifle and the other a pistol, engaged in a gun battle with the gang members with “dozens” of rounds exchanged between them. Preciado said several cars were hit and spent casings littered the parking lot.

One gang member was shot in the shoulder and captured by LAPD officers who responded to the scene with multiple units, and one member was seen limping away, but it is unknown if any others were injured in the firefight.

The rest of the suspects fled in a car identified as a light-colored Audi.

The uninjured store owner, who is also of Armenian descent, was taken in for questioning but released without charges being filed against him for the shooting since police believe it to be a case of self-defense.

The gang, Armenian Power (AP) has strong ties with Russian and Armenian organized crime syndicates and have been indicted on charges of murder, kidnapping, extortion, bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, credit card fraud, drug distribution, and illegal gambling.

In 2014, videos surfaced of two AP gang members fighting in the Syrian Civil War and way over using the word “homie” (45 times in 2:20 min in case you wondered).

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  1. Ramon Contr. on December 3, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    LOVE seeing gun-owning private citizens defending what is theirs.

  2. Wilbert Jennings on December 4, 2019 at 7:00 am

    Take them all out now before innocent people are hurt or killed. If the police know of them arrest and deport.

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