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Altercation Over Woman Leads to Shooting

Ramona, California – One man is in the hospital recovering after being shot in a dispute over the affections of a woman early Tuesday morning.

According to San Diego County Sheriff spokeswoman Lt. Nancy Blanco, deputies were dispatched to a residence located on Pala Street just off state Route 67 to reports of gunfire at around 4:15 a.m.

The shooters mother, who identified him only as “Kyle,” told 7 San Diego she was told by her son a 26-year-old man had driven up from Orange County to speak with Kyle about his ex-girlfriend.

The other man, who had once been in a relationship with Kyle’s now girlfriend, asked to speak with Kyle outside. The two left the residence to talk outside when the argument progressed into an altercation and a fight broke out.

Kyle’s mother said the other man began to choke him and would not relent despite multiple warnings from Kyle that he would be shot if he did not let go, but the attacker ignored the threats.

According to the shooters mother, Kyle fired one round, striking his attacker in the leg and causing him to stop the assault. Kyle then dropped his weapon and began to immediately administer first aid to the man he’s just shot.

Paramedics from Cal Fire San Diego soon arrived after responding deputies and took over care of the wounded man. He was transported to the hospital by helicopter, where he is expected to recover.

Officers report they initially detained the shooter and have questioned both men involved with the shooting, but have not filed any charges in the matter as of late yesterday afternoon.

It’s impossible to know at the moment where Kyle placed his weapon before attempting to administer first aid, but leaving a loaded firearm within reach of someone who just tried to kill you may not be the best idea.

While it is admirable that Kyle attempted to render first aid to his attacker after shooting him, approaching someone whom you consider a threat to your survival is extremely dangerous and ill advised.

Your attacker could easily decide to pull a knife from a pocket while you apply lifesaving interventions and with you crouched over them, they have a perfect opportunity to inflict serious injury.

That said, it is also important to have a good skill set of basic first aid and easy access to medical supplies to prevent to loss of blood and life. Read for information about a good first aid bleed kit that could save your life, or the life of someone who just tried to choke you.

Additionally, it isn’t wise to talk to reporters, or let your mother talk to reporters on your behalf, unless explicitly advised to do so by a competent self-defense attorney.

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