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Bystander Wounded During Rare Coin Robbery

Oakland, California – An innocent bystander suffered a gunshot wound inside their home from a stray bullet after a robbery at a rare coin store.

According to Oakland Police Department (OPD), officers were dispatched to the business located on the 3300 block of Grand Ave. at around 9:45 a.m.

The business owner, Charlie Mammoser, told CBSLocal he didn’t think twice when buzzing in two men standing outside his store. Once inside the store, the two men began to rob him.

“Well, they came in, they had their guns pulled out, they walked in and they were ready to go,” said Mammoser. “And they ordered me to get down on the floor, face down.”

He lay on the floor while the suspects ransacked the business, stealing what Mammoser estimates to be around $60,000 in rare gold and silver coins, and cash.

After getting what they came for, the two men tried to flee the crime scene but were unable too because the door was locked.

“They were trying to exit, they couldn’t exit, I have to buzz them out, so I told them ‘I gotta buzz you out,'” Mamoser said. “When I buzzed them out, I got up, said a few curse words, I grabbed my gun I went outside, and I saw them walking up the hill and so I followed after them.”

When asked why he chased the men, Mammoser said:

“Uh I wasn’t thinking when I went after them, I just, kind of a reaction.”

Slowed down by the heavy bags of stolen loot weighing around 100 lbs., the suspects were quickly caught by the store owner coming up the hill.

“I pointed my gun at them, I said ‘hey stop.’ You know, and he turned and point and I believe he shot at me so I shot a couple of times at him. He dropped the bag and kept going up the hill.

“The other guy was in a car and he drove by and he shot at me as he was driving away, so I took a shot at him and then the bag was too heavy for me to carry so I dragged it all the way back down to my store.

“He’s shooting at me, and I shot at him. And hit his car. I don’t know what I hit. And I’m told that he hit the window next to me, and he hit somebody. When they shot at me, I shot at them. It was self-preservation.” Mammoser said.

As the thieves escaped, police say a resident in a nearby home was suffering from a gunshot wound from the shooting. While Mammoser claimed the bullet that hit the resident was fired by the fleeing men, investigators say they are still working to uncover whose gun fired the shot.

The resident was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition.

OPD is offering a reward of $7,500 for information leading to the capture of the suspects and encourage anyone to leave an anonymous tip with the police at 510-238-3326 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572

Oakland Police Officer Johnna Watson said she doesn’t know if Mammoser will face any charges in the altercation, but warned:

“Everyone’s safety is important. Anytime you’re going to take action, if you are a victim of a crime, to think about our community, our neighborhood, our children, residents who are around us.”

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