Burglar Shot by El Cerrito Homeowner

El Cerrito California, — A burglar was shot trying to enter a home on Cutting Blvd early Saturday morning.

According to a news release by El Cerrito Police Captain Robert De La Campa, officers were dispatched to the scene after 911 dispatchers received a call from a homeowner at around 1:00 a.m. that someone was trying to break into his home.

While police units were responding to the scene, the homeowner armed himself and went to investigate the noises while his wife and daughter remained behind in his bedroom.

The victim told investigators he saw a man in his 20s attempting to break into the home through a locked glass backdoor and warned the suspect.

“The male resident shouted at the intruder, who did not leave,” Captain De La Campa said in a news release. “The resident felt threatened that the intruder was going to enter the home and he felt he was acting in defense of himself and his family, so he shot at the intruder.”

The suspect immediately turned and fled the scene, but when officers arrived, they found him lying in the street.

Medics arriving at the location a short time later pronounced the suspect dead from the gunshot wound he received from the homeowner.

Although police say they believe the suspect was trying to break into the home and is likely responsible for other burglaries in the area, Captain De La Campa went on to say the investigation is still ongoing and the case has been forwarded to the DA’s office to determine the legality of the shooting and whether it will be considered justified.

No other injuries were reported to the homeowner or his family.

Investigating noises of a possible burglary is a risky endeavor. Police, and most experts, advise against it and recommend letting police uncover the source of the noises.

This situation fortunately turned out in the favor of the homeowner, but that is not always the case as in this story where a homeowner went to investigate noises and then was found dead by his wife after he had been killed by the intruder.

If you decide to investigate, leaving your spouse and children barricaded in a room, preferably armed so they can defend themselves in case you don’t come back, may be a good idea.

Likewise, a flashlight attached to your home defense weapon is an essential piece of equipment for identifying your target and ensuring there is actually a threat and not just a loved one coming home late at night.

This is what happened in this story where a mother shot her college age daughter who had returned home from school late at night as a surprise.

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