LA County DA Gascón Asks CC Companies – Stop Online “Ghost Gun” Purchases

It’s no secret that gun control advocates are always looking for new ways to attack the Second Amendment. Their current target: online “ghost gun” purchases. This week, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón sent a letter to major credit card companies. In the letter, Comrade Gascón urged American Express, Visa, and Master Card to stop allowing their customers to purchase ‘ghost gun” kits online.

credit card companies ban ghost gun

Comrade George Gascón asks credit card companies to restrict your ability to purchase things he doesn’t like.

Please read on to read the damning words from District Attorney George Gascón

What is a “ghost gun” —

If you’re not familiar with what a “ghost gun” is, here are just a few posts from the past several years that we’ve published on the topic.

California’s violent crime problem —

Even though Everytown for Gun Safety, the anti-gun organization supported by failed presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg gives California the top ranking for its restrictive gun laws, California’s violent crime rises. They currently rank 16th in the country.

Supreme Leader Gascón can’t blame the violent crime on the years of twisted liberal social and criminal justice policies that have protected and released violent criminals decriminalized drug abuse and other crime.

So what is a California District Attorney to do?

You guessed it.

Just like any good Party Member, blame guns.

Gascón and his armed men —

A successful leader shouldn’t forget to utilize the enforcement apparatus in their regime. So, of course, two politically appointed police chiefs, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore and San Gabriel Police Chief Gene Harris, stood in solidarity with Gascón.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore

In times past, the public criticized gun owners for accusing politicians of wanting to disarm them. In public, Liars in Chief like Former President Obama, and disgraced harpy, Hillary Clinton openly said they didn’t want to take away anyone’s guns, while their actions said otherwise. But times change, and now it’s not just pseudo-Hispanic Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke who openly says things like “hell yeah, we’re coming for your ARs.”

The Supreme DA of Los Angeles County gave the following statement to the Pasadena Star.

American Express, Mastercard, and Visa have the ability to go beyond what any law enforcement agency, legislature, or city council can accomplish. We are asking these companies to join us in stemming the flow of ghost guns into our communities by preventing a ghost gun kit from being sold with a few mere clicks on a smartphone or computer.

The statement is pretty disturbing, but it isn’t even the worst that the senior Law Enforcement Officer in the County of Los Angeles said. The individual letters to the credit card companies contain language that should worry everyone.

San Gabriel Police Chief Gene Harris

The DA encourages the private credit card companies not to get caught up in petty concerns of the legality of blocking their customers from buying a legal product. He compares buying a “ghost gun” kit to the sex trafficking conducted on a website called Backpage. In that instance, credit card companies blocked transactions.

The best propagandists are masters at conflation. It isn’t necessary to point out sex trafficking is illegal. Purchasing a bag of gun parts that, per ATF definition, does not constitute a gun is perfectly legal.

Here is part of the letter written to American Express.

Our purpose in writing to you today is not to recruit you in a legal debate on the merits of these legal cases or the enforceability of these laws. As your decision in the matter of well demonstrated, there is a difference between what may or may not be technically legal and possible and what is most assuredly wrong [emphasis added]. It is you company’s sense of right and wrong to which we now appeal.

Here, you can read the entire letter to American Express and Master Card.

In Closing —

I would not be surprised if the credit card companies compile with the DA Gascón’s (long live the king) “request.” But, unfortunately, this kind of thing has been going on and will continue getting worse. Remember when credit card companies and banks closed accounts of businesses that sold firearm components.

credit cards

The question is, what do we do.

Do we have to start hiding from the government just to exercise our Second Amendment rights?

I urge anyone who is a gun owner, or someone reading this who doesn’t own guns but realizes the danger of a government that controls the banking, social media, news, entertainment, and private businesses, to speak out against this. Do not be silent. The monster will still eat you even if you’re quiet. You only make it easier if you don’t fight back.

Hold them accountable for what they do —

Hold leaders on every level and every political party accountable for turning their backs on freedom. If a company is antithetical to freedom and what you believe in, consider going a different route. In cases where there is no alternative, consider going without. And let them hear your voice.

You’re not alone.

I’m disgusted. If you’re as outraged as I am, share this post with your friends, and let’s stand up against this tyranny!

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  1. Tim Totten on February 16, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    There is a long history of this kind of activity, where “authorities” try to pressure various entities in the financial industry to block payments for things they don’t like. This is exactly why, thirteen years ago now, Satoshi Nakamoto gave the gift of Bitcoin to the world. And this is exactly why I get out of bed every morning–to try to convince more and more people to adopt Bitcoin. You don’t need anyone’s permission to use bitcoin. If you send a valid transaction, it goes through. No one can block it. No one can censor what you buy. Outdated laws aside, no one even has to collect any private details about their customer. The transaction is either valid, and it is settled with finality, or it’s not valid, and it never goes through.

    With Bitcoin, there is no company. No one to write a letter to. No CEO to try to strongarm, or threaten. It is just pure freedom money. Anyone who is a lover of the Second Amendment should recognize the amazing value in no one being able to stop you from spending your own money. A small number of businesses in the gun industry accept bitcoin payments. Many more really should be taking the time to set it up. And gun owners everywhere should at least begin to learn about the benefits of bitcoin.

    In the end, we can complain about politician, we can write our own letters, we can vote, we can make noise, but the most effective thing is to simply make their tactics irrelevant! Collectively, we have the power to do this today. But we must act individually.

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