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Sacramento California Concealed Carry Course Gift Certificate


Struggling with what to give to that special someone? If they are always talking about getting their concealed weapon permit in California and they live in El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, or Sutter county this could be a great opportunity.

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How Does it work?

  1. Click on the Add to Cart button above
  2. In the checkout process input the name of the recipient and the message you wish included
  3. We will email you a gift certificate with a unique identifier code
  4. The recipient chooses a class from our calendar of upcoming classes and calls us on the phone.
  5. We reserve their seat in the class at no additional cost.

Questions? Call us today at the number above.

Course Description:

The CCW course consists of CA laws pertaining to concealed carry and self defense, lethal force and less than lethal force, gun safety, firearms knowledge, holstering and drawing from concealment, concealment methods, situational awareness/real life scenarios, the development of your shooting and marksmanship skills, as well as “qualifying” with the firearms which you wish to have on your permit (up to 3 weapons). Cost includes the first firearm qualification. Addition firearms are an additional $10 each and there is a range fee on the morning of the qualification. 20 student maximum.

This course is for people who are applying for a California concealed carry permit in the following counties: El Dorado, Napa Placer, Sacramento, and Sutter. Those who will be applying in Sacramento or Napa counties must attend both days. Applicants for the other three counties are only required to attend the second day but we charge the same fee regardless if you attend one or both days and encourage all students to attend both days.

Applicants are required to qualify on the shooting range at the end of class. Your California CCW permit allows you to carry any of three specific firearms. The specific firearms will be listed on your CCW permit, including serial numbers. Please bring all of the firearms you intend to have on your concealed carry permit to class, along with 50 rounds of ammunition for each firearm. You will have to qualify with each of them.

Class Location:

The class location is in Fair Oaks CA on Fair Oaks Blvd. The exact address is provided on this site and via email to students after they pre-register.